TechFast: New Xbox Dashboard, Facebook Revises Kevin Bacon Rule, Facebook Phone

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Welcome, Tuesday, just two days from Turkey day, and here’s what’s happening this morning in the great wild world of tech…

New Xbox Dashboard Coming December 6

Want to play with Microsoft’s new Metro-style inspired-by-Windows-8 interface? You’ll be able to on December 6, if you own an Xbox 360.

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Facebook Shrinks ‘Six Degrees’ Rule

Forget what you know about Kevin Bacon and those six degrees of separation–according to Facebook and some scientists at the University of Milan, the average number of people separating any two people in the world is actually 4.74.

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Is That a Facebook Phone I See?

Word is, Facebook’s finally moving forward on a phone: The company’s reportedly working with Taiwan-based HTC to craft a smartphone with Facebook’s grand-mother-of-all-social-networks built in.

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Apple Cleared in Patent Infringement Case

Apple 1, HTC 0: The U.S. International Trade Commission just ruled that Apple’s products don’t infringe on patents held by HTC subsidiary S3 graphics.

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