Who’s Top of the Google+ Charts? Britney, of Course

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Danny Moloshok / REUTERS

Everyone who’s been hoping and praying for a Britney Spears comeback all these years, you finally have your wish…well, kind of. While the former pop princess may not be back to her days of musical ubiquity just yet–personally, I’ve not liked anything she’s done since “Toxic,” but that’s just me–she has just taken the top spot…of Google+ users.

PCMag has noticed that, through some strange twist of Internet fate, Spears has overtaken Google CEO Larry Page as the most-followed person on Google+, having gathered almost 800,000 followers in just over four months.

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If the pairing of Spears and Page seems like an odd combination, the remaining cast filling out Google+’s five most followed accounts further illustrates the weird mix of mainstream and tech celebrity that apparently appeals to the fledgling social network’s userbase: Following Page, the next most followed account belongs to Snoop Dogg, followed by Mark Zuckerberg and then, unexpectedly, Tyra Banks.

Google hasn’t revealed how many active users Google+ currently has–the service passed 40 million sign-ups last month–but judging by this list, I’m much more interested in seeing some kind of demographic study of who’s on there…and whether they actually know that it’s 2011, and not 2001.

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