College Student Can’t Afford iPad for Girlfriend, Builds One Instead

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Wei Xinlong couldn’t afford an iPad for his girlfriend, so he did the next best thing—built one himself. According to China Daily, Wei made the homemade tablet with secondhand laptop parts and a touchscreen and battery that he bought online.

The entire thing cost 500 yuan (around $78) and took him 10 days to build from information he found on the Internet. In the end, the gift was destined for Wei’s girlfriend Sun Shasha, a fellow art and design student at a university in Changchun in northeastern China.

Her reaction? “This is the best gift I’ve ever had, and I will keep it forever.” The word you’re looking for is “Awww…”

Wei even added an Apple logo to the computer, while his girlfriend added a border of rhinestones. So, there you go lazy boyfriends–next time you see a gift you can’t afford, you’re now expected to build it yourself!

[via China Daily]

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