TechFast: Facebook IPO, RIM’s iPhone/Android Play, T-Mobile-AT&T Deal

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Good morning and happy Tuesday! Here’s what’s happening in tech so far…

Facebook IPO Next Year?

The long-rumored Facebook IPO may come to fruition between April and June of next year, according to the Wall Street Journal. As with most long-rumored rumors, this long-rumored rumor could very well gelatinously morph several times before anything actually happens.

Read: Wall Street Journal | Techland

BlackBerry-like Security for iPhone and Android

BlackBerry creator Research In Motion looks to get in on the iPhone and Android hoopla with corporate security software capable of remotely managing such devices from afar. Your chances of getting a company-bought smartphone that’s not a BlackBerry just got a little better.

Read: Reuters

AT&T-T-Mobile Deal

AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition is on the ropes, prompting AT&T to reportedly attempt to purchase Leap Wireless and then sell it a bunch of T-Mobile customer accounts and wireless spectrum. The acquisition would make Leap the fourth largest wireless company in the U.S.

Read: New York Times

Hard Drive Shortages to Hit Home in December?

PC manufacturers are bracing for hard drive shortages to get serious in December and stay serious until next March, resulting in slight price increases for consumers.

Read: DigiTimes

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