Now Wikipedia’s Brandon Harris Can Follow You Around the Web

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Oh Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris, how we’ve become accustomed to your glaring visage, all but commanding us to donate money to Wikipedia with the wild hair and crazy eyes of a modern day Rasputin. Alas, when we leave Wikipedia, you disappear as well—until now.

A Chrome extension, created by former Threadless CTO Harper Reed, now lets you bask in Harris’ warm glow all over the internet. Simply install the ProgrammerAppeal extension and wait for Harris to randomly pop up on your browser. It’s like that time a strung-out metalhead kept following you after the Iron Maiden concert, except this time it’s on the internet.

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Harris became the go-to Wikipedia pleader after people got tired of seeing co-founder Jimmy Wales, who stared at people with the sad eyes of an orphaned child. The method to getting rid of any of the Wikipedia donation images, thankfully, remains the same no matter who they put up there. Remember; you can always get it to go away by giving in and donating.

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[via The Verge]