KFC Asks Students to Tweet for $20,000 College Scholarship

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Usually high school kids have to write more than 140 characters to get a college scholarship. Now, thanks to KFC, students who attach the hashtag #KFCScholar to a tweet could end up scoring $20,000 for their college education.

Students can win by tweeting a “photo that illustrates why they exemplify Colonel Sanders’ commitment to education and enriching communities, and why they are deserving of a college scholarship.”

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I always thought Colonel Sanders’ commitment was to artery-clogging fried chicken, but no, apparently he’s a scholar as well. I guess that makes the KFC Double Down brain food!

High school students have until Dec. 13 to come up with their scholarship-winning tweet. KFC explains the contest like this:

Standard essays will no longer be the only way to apply for scholarships. Millennials are becoming more and more social media savvy and sought out “Twit-perts”, so KFC is challenging them to use their creative juices to win a college scholarship!

No word yet on whether the winning student will be able to submit a thesis via status update and receive grades in the form of emoticons.

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