Robot with Samsung Tablet for a Head Gives Holiday Hugs

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No matter how much you love your new tablet, it won’t love you back—unless you happen to be at the Roppongi Hills Cafe in Tokyo, that is. That’s where you’ll find Hug-Chan, the robot developed by Samsung and RT Corporation to hand out hugs during the holidays.

As you can see, its head is made out of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, while a Samsung Galaxy S2 serves as its heart. Among its many functions are walking, dancing and mimicking people’s movements.

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But that’s not what you need during the holiday season. You need a hug! Luckily Hug-Chan is wrapped in clear, plastic air cushions, giving it a soft exterior and a look somewhere between WALL-E and the Michelin Man. When was the last time your iPad ever gave you a warm embrace?

[via UberGizmo]

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