Our Favorite Things: Last-Minute Gift Ideas (Day Two)

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Bose MIE2 Mobile Headset ($116.95)

Simple fact about cellphone headsets #1: They will break if you use them for any length of time (I speak as one who has become resigned to the possibility that some body part or another—or perhaps my entire body in some additive form that I haven’t quite worked out yet—emits some kind of frequency specifically designed to break down headsets at the molecular level; there’s no other logical explanation). Simple fact about cellphone headsets #2: So many of the replacement ones… Well, let’s be honest, so many of the original ones, as well, are terrible. Let’s all be grateful, therefore, for the existence of the Bose MIE2 Mobile Headset, which has great sound quality in the earbuds—maybe not so important when talking to someone on the phone, perhaps, but if you’re also using the headset to listen to music, it’s something you’ll really appreciate—and a really good microphone to pick up even your quietest mutterings as you lose power during those long family phone calls over the holidays. Sure, you can get much, much cheaper headsets, but you can genuinely tell the difference with this one.

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Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited ($59.98 annually)

I’ve made no bones about my comic book nerditry, so it shouldn’t come as any real surprise that I’m all for giving the gift of four-color storytelling wonder this holiday season. Most digital comics apps are free, and short of suggesting that you hijack someone’s account and download very particular comics for them (don’t tempt me, I could very easily come up with that list), a year-long subscription to Marvel’s DCU seems like the best alternative, especially with the Avengers movie preparing to render fanboy brains asunder when it’s released in May next year. For just under $60.00 a year, you’ll get access to over 10,000 comics from the Marvel library, with more added daily. Know someone who wants to pretend to be knowledgeable about Peter Parker before Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man hits the big screen? This is what you should give them.

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