Our Favorite Things: Last-Minute Gift Ideas (Day Five)

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Kymera Wand Remote Control ($84.99)

TVonus turnonum! Channel changeibilis! Yes, now you can pretend you’re Harry Potter while actually watching Harry Potter with this new buttonless, motion-sensitive universal remote. Why deal with the convenience of pressing a button when you could sit at home memorizing wand motions to control your TV, iPod dock and DVD player? Dumbledore would have done it! Warning: Side effects of Kymera Wand may include spending the rest of your life aloneā€”so very, very alone.

Art Prints from 20×200 ($20)

Before heading off to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, you should check out 20×200, run by NYC art gallery Jen Bekman. Artwork by talented artists (including Hollis Brown Thornton, who created this pixelated portrait of Luke Skywalker) is printed in limited sets of 200 and sold for only $20. Get your friends gift certificates and they’ll be able to browse through the online gallery’s extensive collection of drawings, paintings and photographs, which are all shipped with an artist bio and certificate of authenticity.

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How to Cook Everything App for iPhone and iPad ($9.99)

Yes, there are free cooking apps out there, but none include all 2,000+ recipes from Mark Bittman’s seminal cookbook How to Cook Everything. The app also provides the New York Times columnist’s advice on equipment, technique and ingredients, plus photos, email-friendly shopping lists and a built-in timer with each recipe. The How to Cook Everything app actually seems pretty cheap when you consider you’re getting everything in the James Beard-award winning cookbook for $15 less.

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