Regular Citizens Now in Charge of Sweden’s Twitter Account

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Oh those crazy, free-wheeling Swedes. It appears the country has decided to allow regular citizens to man its official Twitter feed.

That’s right, instead of boring government announcements and links to policy proposals, Sweden will now be tweeting hilarious jokes and mundane details about everyday life. According to The Next Web, the tweeters include “an editorial writer, a founder of an advertising agency with his own farm, a suburban writer, a priest, a teacher and a coffee-drinking trucker lesbian.”

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The whole thing was organized by Sweden’s tourism agency, who is calling the project “Curators of Sweden.” The first citizen is writer Jack Werner, who is really taking this tweet-whatever-you-want policy to heart. Good people of Sweden, know that Jack has just discovered Joe Cocker, made his girlfriend drop her juice by giving her a hug, and does not—I repeat—does not like Justin Bieber.

This, however, is the tweet that made me believe this was the greatest idea Sweden has had since Robyn—and made me want to be best friends with Jack Werner forever:

First shot of aquavit is on me, buddy. Skål!

[via The Next Web]

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