Google’s Festive New Easter Egg: ‘Let It Snow’

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Google, maker of such hit Easter eggs as “Do a Barrel Roll” and “Tilt,” has apparently gotten into the holiday spirit: Open up Google (it’s a search engine, very popular with the kids these days) and enter “Let it snow” into the search box.

Soon you’ll be privy to gentle snowfall filling up your browser along with links to Rat Pack renditions of “Let it Snow” on YouTube. Wait long enough and your screen will completely frost over.

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You can even write your name in the snow (with your mouse, sicko). Press the handy “Defrost” button and your screen will instantly clear, unlike the defrost button in my old Volvo, which mainly served to blow useless hot air and make me late to things.

Why are these Easter eggs so amusing? Who knows! I just hope Google keeps them coming.

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