Kindle Fire Update Claims to Fix Performance, Touch and Security Issues

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Matthew Staver / Bloomberg

Happy holidays early, Kindle Fire owners—the update you’ve been waiting for since Amazon’s Android-based tablet debuted has finally arrived. It’s free, over-the-air (no need for a cable or computer connection), should load in automatically and Amazon claims it fixes several of the complaints leveled at the device since its launch last month on November 15.

For starters, Amazon says the update “enhances fluidity and performance,” referring to complaints the device can be sluggish and has lag issues. The update also “improves touch navigation responsiveness,” likely addressing complaints that the touchscreen sometimes requires multiple taps to register input. Last but not least, the update “gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel,” including the option to password lock when using WiFi–the shipping version of the Kindle displayed a user’s last viewed Amazon store items and didn’t allow them to be easily removed, prompting privacy concerns, since someone else picking up the device could quickly see a user’s viewing history.

In case you’re not sure if you’ve already received the update, you’re looking for version 6.2.1, which you can check by tapping the “Quick Settings” icon, tapping “More,” then tapping “Device.” If you’re showing an older version and the update hasn’t prompted to run, you can manually kickstart it by tapping “Quick Settings,” then tapping “Sync.”

Here’s the official link if you want to read more: Kindle Software Update Version 6.2.1

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