YouTube Lets It Snow with Special Holiday Snowflake Button

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Have you ever seen a cat play the piano? Ah, but have you ever seen a cat play the piano covered with snow? Yes, YouTube is jumping on the holiday functionality bandwagon with its new snow button, which makes snowflakes fall from the top of the screen.

Perhaps you’ll also remember the Great Internet Snowstorm of Three Days Ago, when flurries were spotted on Google’s search results page after you typed “Let it snow.” Considering the unseasonably warm weather a lot of places are experiencing right now, this could well be your only chance to see it snow this Christmas.

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YouTube’s snow button works like this: Open a video, press the red snowflake icon on the bottom of the video. then watch it snow, swatting away snowflakes with your cursor if you feel so inclined. Press the red snowflake icon again to make it all stop. (Look, it’s snowing on 30 Rock comedy superstar Tracy Morgan! What an age we live in…)

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