‘WTF? I Wanted an iPhone!’ Comedian Retweets Messages from Angry, Entitled Kids

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Sure, we’re in the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, with 8.6% unemployment, plummeting home values and Europe on the brink of collapse, but hey, I really wanted an iPhone! That’s the message our country’s youth so bravely tweeted from the confines of their Xbox-equipped, Justin Bieber-adorned bedrooms after Santa Claus didn’t bring them exactly what they wanted this Christmas.

Comedy writer John Hendren did the brave work of retweeting each 140-character gem of adolescent rage from his tastefully named Twitter account @Fart. It’s nice to know that even in these troubled times, there are bubbles of wealth where innocent teenagers have absolutely no concept of the value of money.

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Yes, an unlocked iPhone 4S costs $649, which is double the new, improved monthly wage of $300 paid to the Foxconn workers who make the phone in China, but that didn’t stop kids from tweeting things like “Am i the only one who didn’t get a damn iPhone?!” and “I Wanted a white IPad, not the black one *Sighs* :/”.

What is this, Burma? Kids are getting iPads instead of cars, iPhones instead of iPads and iPods instead of iPhones. I heard one poor sap in Delaware had to settle for a Droid RAZR.

Like an Internet age Woody Guthrie, performer Jonathan Mann put the tweets into song on YouTube (NSFW, language), valiantly chronicling the economic hardships of our country’s youth, who have been forced to live in a technological Hooverville, poor old bindles toting worthless junk like the iPhone 3GS and the first iPad. For shame, America…

[via TechCrunch]

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