Apple Spoofs ‘Ghostbusters’ in Cheesy Internal Ad from 1984

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If Bill Murray doesn’t want to make another Ghostbusters movie, maybe Hollywood can get Steve Wozniak to play Peter Venkman. The Apple co-founder can be seen in this video labeled “Blue Busters,” a reference to Apple’s then rival IBM.

Displayed at the company’s 1984 International Sales Meeting, it shows Apple employees in full Ghostbusters gear fighting … um, bland packaging? Green goo that leaks from your keyboard? We’re not sure, but the message is loud and clear: IBM is the man! Apple will fight the man with proton packs while Ray Parker, Jr. (or someone who sounds a lot like Ray Parker, Jr.) sings in the background!

The video is part of a larger collection of Apple historical materials donated to Stanford University, which according to the Associated Press, also includes early interviews with Wozniak and Steve Jobs, marketing materials and a letter from a printer in 1976 warning colleagues that “This joker (Jobs) is going to be calling you … They are two guys, they build kits, operate out of a garage.”

[via The Next Web]

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