Cat Displays Serious Fruit Ninja Skills on iPad

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Will the Internet ever get tired of animals playing with touchscreens? First there was the lizard that played Ant Crusher with its tongue — now it’s a cat that plays Fruit Ninja, a.k.a. the game people download after beating Angry Birds.

In an adorable bit of PR, Halfbrick Studios, makers of Fruit Ninja, tweeted this video of a cat frantically slicing fruit with its paws.

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It actually ends up with a score of 128 — not bad for an animal who probably spends the rest of its time sleeping and trying to catch its tail, although Ubergizmo points out that the cat is playing in Arcade mode, where dropped fruits don’t eliminate you, instead of Classic mode, where they do.

Hopefully, someone out there is planning a no-holds-barred adorable face-off, where cats, lizards and orangutans battle it out on iPads.

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