Apple Posits Fuel-Cell Powered Laptops

Imagine futuristic laptops even thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air, capable of running for several days or even weeks without recharging–Apple certainly is, as a couple U.S. patents published yesterday reveal.

The …

The Airing of Grievances (Day Five)

Today is officially the first day of Festivus. Bring down the aluminum pole from the garage and prepare for the final day of the Airing of Grievances. Here I shall name all of the things in the tech world that annoyed me before

Steve Jobs Will Receive Posthumous Grammy

Following his death in October, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs received a host of tributes and plaudits, but come February, he’s going to get one more: a posthumous Grammy Award.

Jobs will receive a Trustee Award for his …

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