Updates from Beyond the Grave: App Lets You Leave Last Words on Facebook

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When I die, preferably by crashing a motorcycle into the sun while wailing on a guitar, I hope that my last Facebook status update isn’t something like “Wow, crazy vid of dude getting hit in the crotch lololol!” That’s where If I Die comes in.

The “digital afterlife Facebook application” lets you share a message with your friends in the event of your untimely demise.

(GRAPHIC: Leading Causes of Death)

Here’s how it works: First you choose three trustees who are responsible for confirming that you’ve officially bit the big one. Next, you record a farewell video or compose a message bidding your friends adieu. Then, you die.

According to Mashable, the app is expected to hit 100,000 users within a couple of months. Messages and videos posted to the public are free, and founder Eran Alfonta is working on a subscription model for sending discrete messages out to specific people.

All joking aside, this makes a lot of sense. Facebook profiles already serve as virtual memorials when people die; you might as well give the deceased the last word.

The whole process is so simple, there really isn’t much of a reason not to do it, especially with the cold hand of Death ever at your shoulder, waiting patiently to drag you into the abyss. Have a nice weekend!

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