Toshiba ‘Excite X10’ Claims Thinnest, Lightest 10-inch Tablet Crown

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The Toshiba Excite X10 is a sexy slab, my main man. And that’s saying something, because I hate when people use “sexy” to describe gadgets – especially slabs.

But it’s true. I can’t properly convey how weird it is to manhandle this tablet, which weighs 1.18 pounds and measures 0.3 inches thin. It’s not ridiculously thinner or lighter than an iPad 2, either, but the X10’s more rectangular 1280×800-resolution screen and non-curved backside just make it seem much easier to tote around.

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The tablet sports microSD, micro HDMI and a micro USB port despite its svelte frame, which are nice additions as far as expansion goes. It’ll be available in February in 16- and 32-gigabyte flavors for $529 and $599, respectively. Toshiba’s probably going to find that to be too expensive for widespread adoption, sexy slab though the tablet may be. Hopefully it’ll come way, way down at retail. It’d be mighty hard to resist at – say — $399 or less.

Still, it’s a nice feat of engineering. We’ll get our hands on one for review in the next month or two, so make sure to check back once we put the X10 through its paces. Check out the above video for a quick demo of the tablet. Sorry about the low lighting – Vegas is a dark and mysterious place; a fickle mistress. She takes without asking.

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