Highlights from Day Two of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

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Doug Aamoth / TIME

The CES show floor officially opens today, but yesterday was Press Day – a day where, if you’re a tech writer who likes surprises, the Consumer Electronics Show cat gets let out of the Consumer Electronics Show complimentary tote bag. It’s basically CES before CES even starts.

Most of the big companies trot out their wares in controlled press conferences, then e-mail individual press releases for each and every product with such rapidity that every message that gets deleted is immediately replaced by two new ones.

The bigger issue, to my mind, is an issue that nobody seems to want to talk about here in Las Vegas: the casinos here are utterly devoid of India Pale Ales. If you’re a beer lover like I am, and the style of beer you love above all other styles of beer is the hoppy, complex, delicious IPA, then Vegas isn’t the place for you. At one bar, which shall remain nameless, I asked if they had an IPA and the bartender looked at me like I’d asked for an explanation of string theory.

Anyway, nobody cares about my problems so let’s talk gadgets. Here’s what happened today:

And here are my Fitbit walking stats for Monday:


Scheduled for Tuesday: The show floor officially opens – gadgets aplenty!

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