Unlock Your iPhone with Your Face

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Michael Nagle / Getty Images

We can’t recommend locking your phone enough. If a thief gets hold of it, who knows what personal information he’ll dig up going through your email or mobile browser history.

Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to take the time to enter a code. That’s where facial recognition software comes in.

Owners of the new Ice Cream Sandwich-equipped Galaxy Nexus already have Face Unlock on their phone, which, as its name implies, scans your face to unlock your phone. As long as you are in decent light and not wearing giant novelty sunglasses, it works decently well (don’t worry, it lets you unlock your phone with a pattern or PIN if the facial recognition fails).

Now developer Robert Neagu is creating a similar app from scratch for iOS. He says on the above video’s YouTube page that while its not as fast as the Android app yet, he hopes to improve it and have it up on the AppStore “later this month.”

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