Chinese Mario Kart Knockoff ‘Mole Kart’ Released for iPhone

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Oh how we’ve longed here at Techland for Nintendo to release games specifically for iOS. I guess we’ll have to settle for this: Mole Kart, the cartoonish racing game that bears no resemblance to Nintendo’s Mario Kart whatsoever.

See, this game from Chinese developer Taomee is totally different from Mario Kart. It has, um, moles driving the karts instead of Italian guys. Also, the words “Mario Kart” are clearly not displayed anywhere onscreen.

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Unfortunately, Nintendo’s lawyers are never going to let this hit the App Store, probably because this looks like the laziest knockoff of a popular video game anyone’s attempted in the history of video games.

That doesn’t mean iPhone users tired of waiting for Nintendo to release games for iOS can’t download it from file-sharing networks — though considering the “effort” that went into disguising the theft, we’re going to assume the gameplay leaves something to be desired.

[via GeekKotaku]

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