New App Helps You Crash Weddings

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Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Wedding crashing! It’s not just for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson anymore. Now anyone with a smartphone and some dusty old formalwear can crash a nearby wedding with Crash Corsage, an app that cruises couples’ wedding websites to give you all the info you need to fake it inside.

It basically works by searching through the major wedding websites — including The Knot, eWedding and — to give you the location and starting time of nearby weddings, complete with dress codes and personal information entered by the grooms and brides to be. It even lets you gain points for unlocking certain achievements such as giving a toast and sleeping with a wedding guest.

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It all sounds like good fun when you imagine Vaughn and Wilson getting into hilarious hijinks while traipsing from wedding to wedding. You know when it doesn’t sound like fun? When you think of the actual personality type who’d use an app that lets you crash weddings.

If I were a user of The Knot or any other wedding website, I’d be incensed. People share the saccharine stories of how they met on the Internet to make their friends envious, not to encourage some weird frat dude to drink their booze and hit on their guests.

The lesson here is that if it seems fun when Vince Vaughn does it onscreen, it’s probably creepy in real life. That includes wedding crashing (also: dressing up like Santa, playing dodgeball as an adult, and attending a couples retreat).

[via The Verge]

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