The (Fake) Consumer Electronics Show

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Harry McCracken / TIME

At its CES booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, SecurityMan has been showing some products that don’t work. I don’t mean that as a criticism. Along with its security products, it had a whole wall of dummy cameras–budget-priced fakes designed to make intruders think that you’re carefully monitoring your property when you aren’t.

SecurityMan’s faux cameras come in a variety of models, and include official-looking stickers alerting the public that you’re conducting video/audio monitoring. Even though you won’t be.

As far as I know, security-camera companies are the only businesses that sell deceptive replicas of their own products. It’s a cool idea, though. Mercedes-Benz had a large display not far from SecurityMan’s area–wouldn’t it find takers for a simulated S-Class sedan you could park in your driveway to impress your neighbors?

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