Google+ Addresses Internet’s Dangerous Shortage of Memes

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Umberto Salvagnin, kaibara87; Kathy, kthypryn / Flickr, CC

Like Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards, memes have burst onto the internet and refuse to leave, no matter how annoying you might find them. Before, you had to have some minor knowledge of Photoshop or at least know the url of a meme generator site to contribute. Now, all you need is Google+.

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According to senior software engineer Colin McMillen’s Google+ page, Google is rolling out the functionality to all Google+ users over the next few days. It’ll work by dragging photos to the sharebox, then clicking the “Add Text” button underneath it.

Voila, your message is now in giant white text across the photo, allowing people to know that you, too, have first-world problems or used to be an adventurer before you took an arrow in the knee. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to rage quit the Internet.

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