Google Explains the Internet with ‘Good to Know’

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Not content with (controversially) unveiling the future of internet search by adding personalized results, Google is continuing a particularly active January with the launch of a new campaign aimed at educating internet users about the value of digital literacy and online privacy.

Google describes the campaign, Good to Know, as aiming “to help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the information they share online.” Featuring guides to things like Phishing, Malware, how to manage cookies or manage online accounts — as well as a “jargon buster” to make everything understandable to the layman — Good to Know has all manner of tools (and partners) to demystify the internet for those who haven’t quite figured it out just yet.

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Google’s Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering Alma Whitten, explains the new campaign as being aimed at the type of user who believes that “cookies come from the bakery, IP addresses are the locations of Intellectual Property, and a correct Google search result is basically magic.”

“Technology can be confusing, and the industry often fails to explain clearly enough why digital literacy matters,” she writes, adding that the campaign builds on the company’s “commitment to keeping people safe online.”

Fittingly, the campaign isn’t just happening online. The core website will be supported with online and print promotion appearing in newspapers and on public transportation — just in case you were worried that those who’d most benefit from the campaign wouldn’t be able to find it without a fair amount of effort.

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