YouTube Says It Now Gets Four Billion Video Views a Day

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Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

Today YouTube announced that it gets four billion video views every single day. Think about that for a moment — four billion. The earth, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is currently home to 6,989,687,015 people. Imagine more than half that number watching YouTube videos every day and you have an idea of how massively popular the site is.

That’s also a 25% increase over the last eight months. How to explain the jump? A yawning epidemic in the global cat population? Whatever it is, the much-debated redesign that YouTube got in late 2011 apparently didn’t hurt the company much.

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YouTube, which is owned by Google, broke down their numbers further. Apparently, an hour of video is uploaded every second on YouTube. That’s 60 hours of video every minute. The company explains it all with ridiculous infographics over on

Congratulations human race! You’ll never have to spend a single second of your life not watching something inane or adorable (or inanely adorable) ever again.

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