Xbox Rumors Galore! New System Rumored to Run 6x Faster and Play Blu-ray Discs

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Hold on to your hats, gamers, because there are some pretty juicy rumors floating around out there about the next generation Xbox, or the “Xbox 720,” as the press has dubbed it.

According to Kotaku’s “games industry sources,” it’ll play Blu-ray discs (as Sony’s PlayStation 3 already does) and will sport a new version of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, complete with its own on-board processor. It’s also supposed to run six to eight times faster than the Xbox 360 does and come with slightly smaller controllers.

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It’s not all good news, however; Kotaku also heard that Microsoft plans to crack down on GameStop’s bread and butter by implementing some kind of “anti-used game system.” Yeah, that’ll go over well with fans.

But wait! IGN has “sources close to the project” as well. The site claims that production of the next Xbox’s GPU will begin by the end of the year and will be something akin to the AMD Radeon HD 6670 in order to support “multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output.”

IGN also reports that the next Xbox will be six times as powerful as the Xbox 360, but they raise the stakes by giving it a rough release date of October or early November 2013.

Microsoft refuses to comment on all of the rumors, as is to be expected.

In related news, Techland hears from a talking cat that the new Xbox will have rocket thrusters to fly you to the moon, where it will make you milkshakes and become your best friend.

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