Google Unveils New ‘Solve for X’ Project

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Google / YouTube

What is Google’s “Solve for X?” Good question! The search giant defines its new project as “a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork,” which makes it sound a bit like TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

Google isn’t joking when it says “moonshot” (yes, that’s actually a word). Its video implies tackling problems such as cancer, climate change and even space travel.

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So far, besides the video and vague description on the Solve for X¬†website, Google isn’t sharing much about the project. It does appear to be related to Google X, the mad scientist wing of of the company that researches everything from space elevators to robots.

Richard DeVaul, a member of the Google X team, hinted at what’s to come on his Google+ page:

Today we have had talks on transforming education, 5x improvements in agriculture through better decision support, synthetic biology and carbon-negative biofuels.

DeVaul claims that more videos should be posted on the Solve for X YouTube channel by the end of the day.

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