BPDNews via YouTube
“Why would anybody want to destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?”

Last week, hacking group “Anonymous” took credit for gaining access to the Boston Police Department’s BPDNews.com website and defacing the front page. The group embedded a video of KRS-One’s Sound of da Police and a message that the hack was “in retaliation for the brutality against Occupy Boston.” A mirror of the hacked page can be found here.

As the Charlestown Patch reports, the site didn’t come back online until “about 2 a.m. this morning” — almost an entire week of downtime.

The BPD seems to be taking things in stride, though. A recent video uploaded to YouTube pokes fun at the hack with several tongue-in-cheek interviews of Boston-area police officers containing quotes like, “Well, my reaction was, ‘Why would anybody want to destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?’”

As the Patch points out, the video “ends with a more serious message from Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis” apologizing for the downtime.

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