Rickrolling Coming to Rock Band

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Strap in, friends. Harmonix has just announced that Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley will be making its way to Rock Band by way of a downloadable content pack that’s being made available on Valentine’s Day.

According to Harmonix’s tweet about this momentous moment in world history:

It’s true-the #1 most-requested song at rockband.com/request is coming for DLC: Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Prediction: 99% of the people who download this song in order to play along in Rock Band will find that it’s not very fun to play at all. The other 1% will be Rick Astley.

I like a good Rickroll as much as the next guy, but the inherent comedy of the Rickroll is that Never Gonna Give You Up is a silly song with an even sillier video that you trick an unwitting mark into experiencing. In this case, however, you’re Rickrolling yourself.

The fact that Never Gonna Give You Up has been the song most requested to be made available as downloadable content for Rock Band – and the fact that Harmonix finally gave in and is making it available — may very well be one of the greatest Rickrolls yet. Brilliant.

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