Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Priced at $200 Today After $50 Coupon Code

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Keith Wagstaff / TIME

Barnes & Noble’s $250 Nook Tablet and Amazon’s $200 Kindle Fire have been duking it out since the holidays, each clamoring for a nice slice of the low-price 7-inch tablet market. The Kindle Fire’s $200 price tag has certainly helped its cause, but Barnes & Noble is hoping that a time-limited price match might entice some people into picking up the Nook Tablet.

Between now and early tomorrow morning, Barnes & Noble’s eBay account is selling the Nook Tablet for $199 – use the coupon code CNOOKDEAL to knock $50 off the Nook Tablet’s $249 selling price at checkout. This is for a new (non-refurbished) unit, and shipping is free.

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