Intoxicase: The Drinking Person’s iPhone Case and App

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An iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener? That’s nothing new. It’s a whole category, with contenders such as this and this. But the creators of the $35 Intoxicase say that it’s the first one that comes with an app that uses the phone’s gyroscope to detect when you’ve opened a bottle, so it can tally up how many beers you’ve consumed.

IntoxicaseThe app has many features, most of which work even if you don’t have the case. A representative of Spicebox, the company behind Intoxicase, told me that it “[balances] social with responsibility,” which seems to be a way of saying that it’s for people who like to drink a lotof beer — it includes a Bottle-O-Meter that goes all the way to “Wasted” and logs how much brew you’ve drunk in gallons — but also has a feature that lets you call a cab. (Then again, it also has a feature that lets you find where you parked your car.)

Serious drinkers can log their beers by brand and view graphs of consumption over time. There’s also a Competition feature that didn’t seem to be enabled when I tried the app, but I assume it doesn’t involve seeing who can drink the fewest beers.

The Intoxicase app is in the App Store, so Apple apparently doesn’t object to the notion of iPhone users using their phones to help them get more out of being schnockered. But when I downloaded the program, my iPhone said it contained adult material — and made me confirm that I was at least 17.

If you’re going to limit Intoxicase to people above a certain age, it should presumably be an age that’s older than that. 21, perhaps?

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