IKEA Starts ‘How to Build’ YouTube Channel to Help Frustrated Customers

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IKEA / YouTube

We’ve all been there: Standing forlorn in a bedroom, staring at the unused screws sitting next to a half-finished IKEA bed, parts mixed up with the ones for an unbuilt MALM three-drawer chest.

Don’t worry, IKEA feels your pain. That’s why it recently debuted a new “How To Build” playlist on YouTube.

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If you’re like me, your spatial reasoning is roughly on par with a can of tuna. Thus the normal assembly instructions that come with each product and are available online just aren’t enough to ensure a desk doesn’t have one its drawers installed upside down.

The first “How to Build” video┬áremedies this by folding IKEA’s illustrated instructions into a demonstration with real people building a bed frame, complete with close-up bubbles and fun little animated arrows and building tips. There’s even a relaxed, upbeat soundtrack to calm you after you’ve ripped out your hair in frustration.

The video ends in typically subdued Swedish fashion, with no freeze-frame high-fives or friends sharing in the great American tradition of buying each other $5 worth of pizza for helping each other move. Still, we applaud IKEA for helping out the many confused customers who shop at its 287 stores.

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