Your Mission: Predict What Apple’s Announcing at Its iPad Event

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Apple event


This is my first Technologizer post since my blog officially moved into its new digs on So let’s inaugurate things around here by continuing a hallowed Technologizer tradition: making collective predictions about what will transpire at an upcoming Apple event.

At this point, it seems safe to conclude that the company’s March 7 event in San Francisco — which I’ll be liveblogging — involves the announcement of a new iPad. I’m hereby assuming that it’s not the fabled smaller iPad. Beyond that, your job is to guess the specifics, and you’ll do it by taking the survey below.

The night before Apple spills its beans, I’ll close the survey, tally up the results and report on what you guys are predicting as a group. Then, after the event is over, I’ll follow up by examining how close you came to nailing it. (You have a better track record than some highly-paid pundits…although let’s be frank: Outsmarting certain professional Apple watchers isn’t a particularly dazzling feat.)


[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”F00468DB3D066252″ height=”auto” domain=”technologizer” id=”ipad-survey”]

I look forward to seeing what you have to say…and what Apple has to say…and seeing how uncanny your prognostications turn out to be. And the best part of all: Since you’re making predictions, I can avoid doing ’em myself.