The New iPad Display, Tested and Praised

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My friend Dr. Ray Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, has been evaluating computer displays for a long time. In recent years, he’s turned his attention to smartphone and tablet screens — and he’s published a piece that compares the new iPad with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.

He likes the new Apple tablet’s Retina display. A lot. In fact, he says that the company’s claim that it’s the best mobile screen ever isn’t hype:

Apple has taken the very good display on the iPad 2 and dramatically improved two of its major weak points: sharpness and color saturation – they are now state-of-the-art. Our lab tests and visual tests agree with Apple’s claim that the new iPad has “the best display ever on a mobile device” so we have awarded the new iPad the Best Mobile Display Award in DisplayMate’s Best Video Hardware Guide. But there’s more…the new iPad’s picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale are not only much better than any other Tablet or Smartphone, it’s also much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors. In fact with some minor calibration tweaks the new iPad would qualify as a studio reference monitor.

In his story, Ray tackles a meaningful, annoying topic that almost nobody ever writes about: screen reflection. He says that his tests show that the new iPad is signficantly less mirror-like than its predecessor, and therefore less likely to reflect a poltergeist-like image of your own face right back at you.