Angry Birds Space Lifts Off: Available Now for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Angry Birds Space is finally here, available as I type this for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more. I’ve only spent all of five minutes with it, but my initial reaction was “Oh, hi there Super Mario Galaxy Slingshot,” or if we’re being pedantic: “Bonjour, Le Petite Oiseaux en Colère Prince!”

Think Angry Birds with gravity wells, i.e. avian slingshot trajectories influenced by gravity rings encircling planetoids. Fire at overlapping rings, for instance, and your apoplectic fowl will arrow through zero-G space, curve in one direction as it hits the first gravity ring, then arc in the other as it zooms through the second. Plotting attack paths to wipe the smirks from the snouts of even more insidiously camped swine now requires much greater think-ahead strategizing.

You’ll also get to play with new superpowers, asteroids and explosives, and a new bird with unique abilities.

What are you waiting for? You can still grab either a free (level-limited) version, or the unlocked full-enchilada for just $0.99, and it’s available for the iPhone, iPadAndroid, Mac and Windows.

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