Pinterest Easiest Site to Spam Says Man Making $1,000 a Day Doing It

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Now that even Barack Obama has a Pinterest profile, it’s safe to say the site is getting pretty popular. Where the people go, so too do the spammers — one of which actually sat down with the Daily Dot to talk about his trade.

Steve is 24 years old and lives solely off the money he makes spamming, which comes out to about $1,000 a day. Although he had spammed both Facebook and Twitter before, the popularity of Pinterest turned out to be a big boon for him:

Pinterest is by FAR the easiest social network to spam right now. Quite possibly the easiest ever to spam. It requires almost no work to get started and no money to invest. You just have to know how the system works and how you can fix it to your advantage.

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The ironic thing is that he thought of the idea of spamming Pinterest after the company got in trouble for profiting off its users’ pins with affiliate links. Steve works by creating tons of fake accounts, using spambots to re-pin certain images — all of pretty women’s dresses and boots, a common sight on users’ boards — enough to get them on Pinterest’s popular tab.

Curious users then click on them and are directed to Steve’s Amazon affiliate account, earning him a nice profit that he expects will rise to between $2,000-$2,500 a day in the coming weeks. Of the thousands of spambots he has created, he says only one has been shut down by Pinterest.

In the end, he doesn’t seem too conflicted about what he is doing, telling the Daily Dot, “Sometimes I see users posting all kinds of valuable information on my pins, and some even review the product themselves. So really I could say I’m helping some people by showing them a product they might else have never heard of.”

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