View Your Surfing Stats with Google’s New Account Activity Reports

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Some people really like stats. For those people, Google has rolled out a new Account Activity feature.

You can get monthly reports about your own Google usage, including how many e-mails you’ve sent, how many you’ve received, whom you’ve contact most often, what you’ve searched for and a handful of other mildly interesting information.

One of the more useful tidbits: your login locations over the past month. You can double-check that your account has only been accessed from wherever you live, and if you find that it’s been accessed from the other side of the world somehow, you’ll want to change your password.

There’s also a list of places you’ve visited recently based on check-ins with Google Latitude (if you use that service). If you find that you’ve visited a place you never actually visited, then you may have been kidnapped without even knowing it. Check out this informative Kids in the Hall video for tips on how to deal with such a kidnapping.