Good Deal: Refurbished Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets for $139 Today

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Today only, Amazon is selling refurbished 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets for $139. That’s a good deal considering new versions cost $199, and these refurbished units carry the same one-year warranty as the new models.

Says Amazon:

Each Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire is a pre-owned Kindle Fire that has been refurbished, tested, and is certified to look and work like new. They come with the same one-year limited warranty as a brand-new Kindle Fire.

If you’ve been curious to see what all the tablet hoopla’s been about but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it, today would be an opportune day to pull the trigger. These refurbished units will go back up to $169 tomorrow.

Link: Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire – $139 []

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