Startup Turns Tweets into Toilet Paper for $9 a Roll

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Cue the jokes about the disposable nature of social media: A new service called “S—ter” (the actual name is usually displayed in full, adult-level parlance) is offering to print your Twitter feed on a roll of toilet paper.

The Twitter TP costs $35 for a bundle of four rolls, plus shipping and taxes. You can choose from your timeline, tweets, favorites, lists, or someone else’s tweets for fodder. The site accepts payment through Paypal, and shipping to the United States costs $15.

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It’s the product of a group called Collector’s Edition, which on its website claims to “make products and services that put a smile on your face, that make you see things in a new light.” The group’s only other project so far is a collection of videos examining the many meanings of the word “mate” (in the Australian “dude” sense).

I haven’t used the toilet paper, but I’m guessing there’s something quite satisfying about wiping with your friends’ tweets. It’s probably the kind of thing you’d want to tweet about after doing it. So although the product would seem to offer entertainment on the loo, chances are you’ll still bring your phone or tablet in there with you.

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