Are You Ready for YouTube in 3D? Well, It’s Coming Anyway

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It’s official: you can’t escape 3D. Right now, James Cameron’s epic disaster romance Titanic is back in theaters after 15 years. Why? Because now it’s in 3D.

So, in the age of 3D blockbusters, 3D televisions and 3D smartphones, it makes sense that YouTube in 3D wouldn’t be too far behind. According to YouTube’s blog, the site will now be automatically converting all 1080p videos into 3D.

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YouTube has had a tool in beta for awhile now that lets people convert their own videos into 3D. Now, however, it will be doing all of the work for you, meaning your smartphone masterpieces will eventually be converted for all the world — or the small percentage who have 3D glasses at home for some reason — to marvel at.

To view videos in 3D, all you have to do is click on the gear icon, which will present you with an option to watch the video in another dimension. Google has been honing its converting skills by studying the original 3D videos uploaded to the site for insight on depth estimation and other video characteristics.

Why is Google doing this? Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t imagine tons of people were clamoring for this feature. Still, it’s coming, so you might as well go out and buy some 3D glasses to watch adorable cat videos the way they were meant to be seen… alone in your room with goofy eyewear on.

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