Are You a Phone Dropper? Try Giving Yourself the Feinger

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The Feinger

Tip for PR pros trying to promote smartphone accessories: Any product with a marketing video consisting of an old-school breakbeat and a line like “Ride a bike, climb a tree, multitask, take a pee — get on the dance floor and get funky!” deserves a write-up.

Now on to the important business at hand (pun intended): The Feinger costs $15 and is a two-part system. First “the Knuckle” adheres to the back of your phone. Once that’s in place, you can attach either “the Sleeve” or “the Unimount/Lanyard” – the possibilities are endless two!

You’ll want to go with the Sleeve, though, which slips over your finger (hence “The Feinger”) and looks really cool. Cellphone lanyards have been around forever, but they’re still very much in style from what I hear, eclipsed in coolness only by belt clips and Bluetooth headsets. If you really want to get the whole experience, there are several optional Feinger accessories as well.

Once you’re popped and locked, you’ll be able to “keep your phone safe and secured to your hand with the space-age, patented aeroprene (?) band,” according to the above video that I’ve watched, oh, I’d say about a dozen times this afternoon.

The Feinger [via Craziest Gadgets]