Get Ready to Dragon Shout at Your TV: ‘Skyrim’ Getting Kinect Support

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Hold onto your Daedric helmets kids, because things are about to get real nerdy. Microsoft announced that it’s releasing Kinect support for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim later this month.

We all know what that means: real-life dragon shouts. Scare your kids and ruin your marriage by screaming “Fus ro dah!” at the top of your lungs. The Kinect will support  more than 200 different voice commands.

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While hurling enemies with your voice is fun, I’m more excited about the ability to command your follower. Who hasn’t watched Lydia ruin a surprise attack by launching an ill-timed arrow or run into the line of fire while you’re getting your Firebolt on? Now telling her to attack or wait behind will be a lot easier.

You’ll also be able to assign weapons and spells with your voice, which should save on scrolling time. Also looting items — which can really ruin the pace of the game — is a lot faster with Kinect.

Of course, we’d love if Bethesda one day released an Elder Scrolls game that fully utilized the Kinect so we could physically hack and awkwardly run our away across Tamriel, but this could entice a lot of players who have beaten the game to pick it up again.

Bethesda also announced that it will soon release new content for the Xbox 360 version, including new quests, locations and other features.

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