Samsung’s Galaxy S III Reveal May Be Two Weeks Away

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Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, may get its big reveal on May 3.

The phone maker has been sending out invites to a press event in London on May 3, telling attendees to “come and meet the next Galaxy,” reports The Next Web. Samsung said last month that it would announce the Galaxy S III at an event in the first half of the year, so this invitation fits the bill.

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Rumors about the Galaxy S III have varied from one report to the next, but the phone is expected to have a slimmer design and larger display than its predecessor, along with Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. It may have a quad-core processor as well, and it could use physical navigation buttons, unlike the software buttons on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

For folks in the United States, the big question is whether Samsung’s Galaxy S III will launch stateside anytime soon. Last year, Europe got the Galaxy S II in May, but U.S. wireless carriers didn’t pick it up until September and October. Given that Samsung’s event is happening in London, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a quick U.S. launch.

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