Steve Jobs Film with Ashton Kutcher to Focus On Apple’s Early Years

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Ashton Kutcher will maintain his youthful looks throughout much of the upcoming indie Steve Jobs movie.

In an interview with Neowin, producer Mark Hulme said the biopic–whose working title is Jobs: Get Inspired–will take place between 1971 and 2000. That means the film will begin five years before the creation of Apple, and will end a year before Apple introduced Mac OS X and the iPod. As The Verge notes, 1999’s Pirates of Silicon Valley focused on a similar time period.

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The image above shows Jobs in 2000, four years before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away last October.

Hulme confirmed earlier reports that filming begins in May, and said the film will be out in the fourth quarter of this year, sooner than Sony’s own big budget Steve Jobs movie based on Walter Isaacson’s official biography. I’m guessing the two films will be very different, given that Jobs: Get Inspired won’t cover Jobs’ childhood or Apple’s ascent to one of the biggest companies in the world.

Kutcher, who was chosen in part for his resemblance to a young Steve Jobs, is excited for the role, Hulme said.

“When Ashton read the script he was immediately attracted to the project,” Hulme said. “He is a Steve Jobs and Apple fan, and is technologically savvy, as well, so he recognized the historical importance of Steve Jobs and the potential of the project.”

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