Draw Something Now Lets You Save, Share and Comment On Drawings

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When I tried Draw Something for the first time, my thoughts were, “Cool! Can I save this picture that I spent 20 minutes drawing?”

Sadly, the answer was no. Today, nearly a month after its $200 million acquisition by Zynga, it looks like the game’s fans are finally going to get the features they’ve been waiting for.

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A new update lets iOS and Android users save their drawings to their photo libraries, upload photos directly to Facebook and Twitter, and comment on people’s drawings. These are things that the man behind the game, OMGPOP’s Dan Porter, knew people wanted but couldn’t spare the resources for — understandable considering the game was downloaded 20 million times in its first five weeks.

Another update I’m personally excited about is the ability to undo the last stroke of your pen — meaning you don’t have to waste time with the eraser tool whenever you make a mistake. You can also pull to refresh the main menu, making it easier to tell whenever friends have finished with their turns.

According to Mashable, Zynga has also added 20 new celebrities to the game, just in case you’ve ever wanted to draw Al Pacino or Ryan Seacrest. Me? I can’t wait to draw Don Draper and crew for Mad Men. Hopefully I can accurately portray a glass of Scotch and outdated social mores.

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