Foursquare Sees Stars, Signs with Hollywood Talent Agency

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In a rare move for a social media site, Foursquare has partnered with United Talent Agency to promote its presence in Hollywood.

The details of the arrangement are vague, but Variety notes that the move is probably geared toward turning “companies that might otherwise be passive participants in the check-in experience into more active partners.” And BetaBeat points out that Foursquare has less traction with celebrities than other services like Twitter and Facebook.

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That might be because celebrities have a vested interest in not telling everybody where they are. Could the deal result in more famous people checking in to their favorite locations?

Probably not, unless it’s a big event. Dame Judi Dench checking into the Oscars? Sure, why not? But I doubt any celebrity would check in at his or her favorite restaurant, which is a shame because then maybe the world would have known about Jon Hamm eating a bowl of matzo ball soup alone on the Upper West Side soon enough to act on it. So, celebrities of the world, I implore you to join Foursquare to let your fans know your whereabouts at all times.

Foursquare has previously allied itself with media companies including NBC, CBS and VH1. This most recent move should help the New York-based company boost its West Coast presence and perhaps get the the company featured on more TV shows. If you see Ashton Kutcher check in to “where the magic happens” on Two and a Half Men, you’ll know who to blame.

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