Man Builds 1:6 Scale ‘Star Wars’ Arcade Game

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While I certainly remember Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, my earliest memory of an arcade game is of the 1983 Atari game Star Wars. Now, a man going by the name of “Le Chuck” has built a 1:6 scale version of the classic game and put it on the Internet so everyone can see his handiwork.

It’s around 12 inches tall and displayed next to a bottle of wine to give you an idea of its size. The tiny arcade game — which he says took him 80 hours to build — features a fully functional yoke, which he made by hand out of aluminum. The faithfully recreated case is made of basswood and even features little light-up imitation coin slots.

The game itself is an emulation of the original run on a Caanoo, a Linux-based handheld portable gaming system. So there you go, tiny-handed Jedis: Someone has finally designed a fully operational mini-arcade game for you.

[via Hack A Day]

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