Video: Wherein Songs Are Skipped by Chucking Stuff at a Poster on the Wall

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Agency Republic

Agency Republic, billing itself as “a digital creative agency based in Battersea, London” has cobbled together quite a digitally creative way to enable anyone in the office to skip over unwelcome songs that have been added to the company’s shared Spotify playlist.

Agency Republic’s Michael Robinson explains:

We have a shared music machine in our studio. Anyone can put anything on they want at any time, no rules. It’s a democratic system that seems to work 99% of the time. But occasionally the system fails and that’s what inspired me to build this poster.

As seen in the video below, the “Change the Tune” poster contains a little sensor that registers when something hits it, which is hooked up via an Arduino controller to the computer running Spotify. Each time the sensor registers a hit, the currently-playing song is skipped – the projectile of choice appears to be crumpled up paper.


Assuming we’re dealing with an office full of highly creative people with diverse music tastes, this is one digital agency that isn’t likely to go completely digital anytime soon.